Monday, September 21, 2009

A very special purchase ...

It's been a long time since my last post (too long to remember actually), well, summer passed and the kids are back at school and finally I shall be able to catch up on some much needed blogging. In the coming days I also want to share with you more posts of special events from the summer, like: meeting the EST girls, our summer holiday through europe, my etsyversary and also my current packing up of the house and moving back to NZ (which btw is 5 weeks tomorrow .. and counting) ..
But first, a beautiful package arrived in the mail today. I first came across TanyaMac in the Europeanstreetteam on etsy around about a year ago. Recently I spied some gorgeous new listings in her shop that really made me JUMP! So, I convo'd her and asked her if she could do a little custom order for me .. and here's what she made. I shall be taking these treasures with me back to New Zealand to adorn our new home there. A set for 'autumn' and a set for 'summer' but I think they are so beautiful they'll be adorning my home throughout the entire year. What do you reckon?