Monday, August 3, 2009

Pricing holders

For the past few weeks and certainly like super crazy this weekend (I have afterall been child free these past few days) i've been gearing up like crazy for the Maastricht craft fair in Holland. The fair isn't until the 16th August but the kids and I are packing up the car next weekend (9th to be precise) and heading off on our little road trip (well, ok it's not so small it's a 2100km trip) .. My dear friend Mitsy a.k.a Artmind recently posted a tutorial on her blog (she's a tutorial MASTER) that was all about making memo clip holders and kind of orientated towards 'price tags' .. now, this was something I really wanted to try as I hadn't yet organised a thing for my pricing options for the fair.

I did end up modifying it a little bit based on the materials that I already had here at home. Instead of using the loo rolls I decided to make use of some colorful silicone cupcakes I had had sitting around (I can bake a cake and biscuits but i'm seriously crap at baking cupcakes) .. matching paint, some meat skewers and some mini clips .. and here is my effort:

I HIGHLY recommend that if you don't already follow Artmind's blog .. you should be .. it's always updated with super interesting posts, tutorials and amazing things.

Thanks Mitsy .. you are the BEST girl!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Garden Shed / Wild Woman Jewelry

Through the wonderful treasury hunting world on Etsy, I met and became friends with Karon from Wild Woman Jewelry .. Karon has been such a supportive friend for me and it was with anticipated pleasure that I was awaiting for her to open her new shop thegardenshed . I follow (when time permits lol) Karon's blog and was always so impressed by her beautiful photography she has on her blog and was suitably happy when she announced that she would be opening a shop with photography in it! Karon has a keen eye for color, you'll see this in both of her shops.

Here are some selections of her work:

If you have the time please visit both of Karon's shops, she has so many beautiful creations that are sure to be wonderful gifts for yourself, your family and your friends.

I am thrilled to have bought 2 of her prints .. they will be framed and hung on my walls proudly once I arrive back in NZ.