Saturday, June 27, 2009


YAY .. I finally did it!! I got my 2nd shop opened on Etsy. For a while I have been wanting to do this as I just didn't enjoy seeing my mosaics and magnets mixed up together in one shop. I love to make my magnets and I am so happy that I have finally got Signified up and running.
I must thank two very special friends for helping me out.
Renate from Kreativlink who gave me the right 'push' into getting off my behind to make this happen and also for helping me with the new shop name .. thanks so much .. you ARE a genius!
Frances from enchantedpond who created the banner for Signified and also a new banner for my Sigmosaics shop on etsy .. thank you so much as I am thrilled with them both!


I came across Yoshika's art work once in someone's treasury .. ever since then I regularly check her shop's, euphorianchicstudio and euphorianchic to sit and drool over her latest creations.

Lavendar berries 3pc Set 3D Relief Wall Art Metallic Gold Finish .. completely beautiful art work with her unique 3D signature relief
Set of 3 Flower Room Illustration Prints (Branch Version) from Yoshika's euphorianchic etsy shop which is filled with prints of her original art work and gorgeous eco tote bags