Friday, March 20, 2009


Maria from LeelaBijou recently hosted a giveaway on her blog . It was maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I had entered a giveaway and I truly was a bit gobsmacked when she let me know I had won!!

When the mailman recently brought me a package from the Canary Islands I was very excited as I knew it was the necklace!! Maria had super gorgeously included a beautiful mountainous photo from Gran Canaria, a really sweet photo that read ' Congratulations dear Kerrin' and a lovely note AND a discount voucher! Phew!!! She's got her marketing skills done well!! You see, I have been coveting some of her work .. so how could I not go visit her shop and use the voucher?!!!

Funnily enough (she must be a mindreader) she included a mars bar too .... it was yummy!

So I will share with you in the photo below the perfectly lovely necklace I won and then just a few images of some of the other unique and wonderful creations that Maria has in her Etsy shop LeelaBijou do please go visit her shop!

This is MY necklace :D (but that's not me in the photo .. i'm not that white, oh ok, i'm not that slender either ... oh ok, probably my boobs don't sit that firmly these days too ... geesh! )

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yoni glasses

Today the post van drove up and delivered a box I had been waiting for .. with supplies I had purchased recently in Holland :) I had actually forgotten that I had purchased some 'Yoni' glasses whilst sipping a coffee in a café in Holland ....

~YONI~ glasses .. for coffee .. oh, of course they could be for tea too!

Yoni of course has another meaning .. click here to see what else it means (other than a super cool way to drink that hot cuppa without burning your fingers on the glass because it is double glassed so it keeps your beverage hot while keeping your fingers cool) ...

some may find it strange to drink from something shaped like a 'you know what' and well I suppose it is .. still, they are pretty jolly cool if you ask me!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh to be flexible again!

Earlier tonight the kids were practising their kindy 'gymnastics' ... look at what my almost 4 year old can do ..... and i must add that her head is not touching the floor!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Secret Easter Bunny ... it's here!!

This year the European Street Team (which I am so proud to be a member of) on Etsy decided it would be a fun idea to make a 'Secret Easter Bunny' surprise (continuing on from last years very successful Secret Santa). ArtMind aka Mitsy is our wonderful team member who coordinated everything, sent out questionnaires and matched each of the particpants with another team member.

We have until 25th March 2009 to make our secret easter bunny surprises and I was terribly excited the other day when the postman delivered a very special package to me!! It came all the way from Italy ... can you guess yet?

I have to admit that i'm not the best at waiting until easter to open my surprise and as soon as I saw who it was from I just HAD to open it!
can you guess YET????

My secret easter bunny is none other than enchantedpond aka matchstickgirl aka the super lovely Frances.J.Melhop ... !!! I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet as I am totally in love with her work!!

She wrapped my surprise in the coolest bright orange paper and drew the cutest Easter Bunny on it .. clever girl eh what!

Mmmmmh, now what could be inside here????????

I am now the super proud owner of 'a real fairy' photo ... and I am just dying to get it framed so that I can hang it on my wall and gaze at it daily!! If I sound like i'm gushing over this, believe me I am ... I was literally bouncing off the walls when I realised who the Postman had brought me a package from ... my kids did look at me rather strangely :)

I was going to borrow my neighbour to take a photo of this most amazing 'a real fairy' photo but decided to try to do it myself :) Excuse the ever so slightly 'dorky' pose but I had to kind of crouch down to get myself and the fairy in the shot .... (hey, it's a large photo of the fairy and i'm standing on the bidet!!) ....

Frances, I cannot thank you enough for this incredible photo ... I adore fairies, I adore pink and most of all I adore your work ..

And thank you again Artmind for going to such a tremendous effort in making all of this happen!

Frances honey, you really do rock .. you totally made my day in giving me this special photo and I encourage every single one of my readers to check out Frances's shops enchantedpond & matchstickgirl ..... to see more of her amazing work!