Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pawprints and new work

Once again i've let time pass without posting .. so, i'd LOVE to share with you a few special things!
A few weeks back I had a request through a potential customer to see if I could custom make something 'dog related' on bowls. Pawprints seemed to be a good direction to head in. I had a discussion with my friend Mitsy and look what she came up with:
Mitsy (a.k.a Artmind) was extremely helpful and made these amazing pawprint tiles for me to use in my mosaic works for this customer (as yet I haven't made a bowl but you can see a little bit further down for what I have made). I'm really excited by these pawprints, they are completely perfect and so terribly cute!

While I was awaiting the tiles to arrive I tinkered around with my own ceramic tiles and handcut paw prints for a small bowl. I think it came out pretty well actually .. (there are 3 of these placed evenly around the bowl). The customer really loves this and has also seen the pictures of Mitsy's tiles so she's VERY excited about all of this!
Having the kids away for the weekend has been absolute bliss .. as much as I miss them it's been great just having time for me and time for making some new mosaics .. here is a sample of some of my new work in my etsy shop

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm one of those people that writes lists, oh how I love a good list .. I gain a certain amount of satisfaction from crossing things off my list.

Over past months i've been building up a good supply of items to mosaic .. I stopped writing a list about what I needed to mosaic .. it's gotten a little big ....

This is a small 'preview' of some of the types of creations that you will be seeing sometime (i hope soon) in my shop.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Face painting ..

It has quite literally been a cracker of a day today .. no clouds, loads of sun and heat! Nice. The perfect day for playing outside in the garden ... and frollicking around being silly twits together .. I love that!
The my son says 'mummy can you paint our faces' .. 'please' (you know, that whining please that won't let up until you action what they want) ...
anyone would think that their father was spiderman .. it's almost always the same face requested .. unfortunately this time though I'd run out of black face paint so they had to settle for red with brown webbing ..
My eldest daughter (aged 5 going on 25) did her own .. actually i thought it was none to bad indeed .. you can be the judge ..
Gabriel and Simone


together .. spiderman RULES!