Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My favourite Etsy photographers

Before I found Etsy I wasn't much of an online shopper .. to be honest I had previously only brought books through Amazon while living in East Timor (ummm, there were NO bookshops there) ... and now to my absolute delight I have found these talented artists whom I can proudly say that I own one (or more) of each of their works .... well soon to, as I only just purchased one more this morning ..




Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Making a caterpillar keychain ...

Today Mr Mailman brought me a package .. a very cute package that I had bought from ArtMind ... naughty little Mitsy sent something for the kiddies along with the two gorgeous cards I had bought from her ...

First the cards ... this is one I will give to an Australian friend for the birth of her baby boy .. it's so cute and fluffy!

Baby boy greeting card

This one I'm keeping for myself ... I live in hope ;).. te he he he ...

Happily ever after greeting card

There were some surprises included in this package (this is the naughty part) .. take a peek at what InĂªs, Gabriel and Simone made this afternoon ... This is the part we they learnt how to make a caterpillar keychain

Firstly they had to thread everything together .. which they did extremely well at their 'work table' (you can tell, it's got permanent drawings all over it)...

Then they had to pose for mummy to take a photo of the finished caterpillars ...

Thank you so much Mitsy (aka ArtMind) .. the kids had a wonderful time making the keychains and I totally love the cards!!!