Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter voter on etsy

Oh holy cow, here I go again making another post canvassing for votes ... when i should be making a post on everything else that i should be posting about! But hey, i'm a tad excited as i've never been in an etsy voter before and well, what can a girl do? Yay!!! .. my wee mosaic eggs made it into the voting round for easter and i'm really very happy. So if you feel like casting your vote you can do so here, or here, or even here ... your choice :D There's a ton of talent there and naturally i'd love you to vote for me .. pretty please with lots of sweet smiles on top, i'll even love you forever and if you don't want that then i'll just be eternally grateful! Thank you!

Happy easter everyone!!!

... and a very special thank you to Huismus for nominating me .. she's an amazing woman who lives in Holland and i'm certainly glad I had the honor to meet her and spend the day at the Rotterdam zoo with her last year. You can find her stunning shop here.