Friday, February 20, 2009

I've been tagged :D

I've been tagged!! Actually I've now been tagged twice but due to my super slackness (shame on me) i'm only just getting around to this. I was initially tagged by Swie (some time ago) and then recently by thespottedsparrow

So now to share with you some facts (and i'm not certain if it's 6 or 10) about me that you most likely aren't aware of :D

1) I have a lazy left eye ... therefore I can move it on it's own while my right eye remains looking forward ... great party trick!

2) I hitchhiked through the Czech Republic ... bit silly thing to do but had always wanted to try it ... so I did! I also camped alone through Italy ... I am somewhat independant :)

3) I am extremely clumsy .. if anyone is going to fall down, it will be me.

4) Louise is my middle name and I always used to wish that that was my first name.

5) I once had a veruca on my foot that was cut out 5 times and it kept on growing back until someone told me to put a banana skin on it for a few days .. and it disappeared :D True!!

6) I used to play kiss and catch in my primary school playground .. of course, the girls never quite made it to the tree so we were always 'caught'. Come on, we were only 6 years old!!

7) As a teenager I delivered newspapers, did a milkrun, worked in a dairy (tiny minimarket), worked in a bakery ... all in an effort to pay for a trip to Japan and to have pocketmoney. Why is it I can't save money now?? Oh, I know .. I shop too much on Etsy!!

8) I can remember when popsicles (flavoured ice blocks) cost .08cents NZD (so that's less than .04cents euro). I also remember my brother and I being sent to buy mum's weekly magazine from the shop and being allowed to 'spend the change' .. it was about 0.15 cents (NZD) so about .06 cents euro, in those days it was a fortune! A lolly mixture was a lot bigger in those days!!

9) I will be devoted to U2 until eternity. I saw them in concert in Auckland, NZ for the 'Love comes to town' tour ... but Bono was a bit deaf that night because no matter how much I shouted 'I love you Bono' he didn't hear me :(

10) I am very interested in 'the unknown' ... I've experienced some unexplainable 'things' and I love it .. and I would LOVE to be able to astral travel ... I keep trying!

I hope I haven't bored you too much ... I know i'm supposed to tag others but perhaps i'll do that another day :D


ArtMind said...

Great facts! Why didn't you pull the party trick when we met? ;)
We have a lot in common - why am I not surprised? :)

LeelaBijou said...

So great to know more things about you! :)

Have you been in Japan?How cool, I want to travel there some day.

Deep Indigo said...

lol!! I thought I was the only clumsy person of EST!

Lovely post! (I also like the occult, my husband and I love the read "The Fortean Times")

l'actrice said...


l'actrice said...


ingermaaike said...

You always manage to put a great big smile on my face with what and how you say things! It was great fun reading your facts!

Star of the East said...

Love reading about your facts!

glasfaden said...

Boring me?? No way!!! I LOVE to read them! You are such a cool girl uhm, woman :D
BTW you all are calling me by my middle name ;) Love my first name, but cannot identify myself with it.

karuski said...

How great to read about you!
Hahaa, I also saw U2 (in US) and it was amazing. I don't remember shouting I love you to Bono though... or maybe I did, lol.


AgapeLiz said...

I have fun reading about you! : ) I also started doing vacation job when I was a teenager to earn some extra cash as early as 12. It was fun though!

kraplap said...

so fun to read more about you !

Paperfection said...

A lovely read! Tell us some more about 'the unknown'! Perhaps in another blogpost??

Anonymous said...

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Carry on the good work!